Tell Us About Your Fixed Term Contract

Tell Us About Your Fixed Term Contract

UNISON BRANCH HAS BECOME CONCERNED at the large number of fixed terms contracts currently in use within the Trust. The Trust's guidance on the use of fixed term contracts is quite specific. According to policy, fixed term contrats can be appropriately used for the following reasons:

~ a specific project that requires additional reseources or specific expertise;

~ an identified period of long-term staff absence (e.g. sickness, maternity, adoption, secondment, employemnt break, training);

~ short term additional funding for a position that is not expected to be renewed; a specific period of higher than usual workload.


The guidance also goes on to say that all fixed term contracts must:

~specify an end date or, where applicable, a specific event (for example, a maternity leaver's return to work);

~clearly state the reason for the fixed term status. 


We would like to hear from all UNISON members about their experiences with fixed term contracts and whether Trust policy was followed or not. Our concerns are twofold - Are fixed term contracts being used when the post should be substantive and are staff being given the right paperwork when they go on a fixed term contract?

If you have a story to tell, please feedback to UNISON's West Sussex Lead Peter Atkinson, via the Trust email or through the Contact Page on this website.