NHS Pay Deal: Clarifying concerns about the pay in your pocket

NHS Pay Deal: Clarifying concerns about the pay in your pocket
WE HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY A HANDFUL OF CONCERNED MEMBERS ABOUT THE PAY INCREASES they have received being different from what they calculated on the UNISON pay calculator prior to the pay ballot. If you have experienced this, my current understanding is that for an accurate reading you needed to input your salary you were on at the 31st March 2018. If you inputted your salary which included any increment after the 31st March 2018, then you would have the wrong figure, which would also be greater. 
We understand that the difference between the UNISON NHS pay calculator on the UNISON website is that it doesn’t allow for increments during the year, whereas the calculator on the NHS employers website does.
To clarify members should now have received their July salaries where the first part of the pay deal should have been applied, with back pay due to be paid by August at the latest. Increases for staff below the top of their bands consist of a mixture of uplifts to pay points, deletion of pay points and incremental progression. This has the combined effect of getting them to the top of bands quicker over the course of the deal, with the timing of increases during each year dependant on individual incremental dates. 
UNISON’s head of health also writes “You may be aware that the Royal College of Nursing has issued an apology to its members for issuing some communications that wrongly stated all staff would get 3% in year 1 of the deal, backdated to 1 April 2018. This error applies to RCN communications only. I want to reassure you that UNISON’s materials and the joint union materials described the deal correctly.” 
Whilst the branch passed a motion rejecting the pay deal we also want to make it clear that this was not an easy decision. After all, we were not negotiating with a government sympathetic to our concerns! With that in mind, this deal does have positives: 


•          Everyone will be better off under this deal than they would have been under their old increments and 1% annual uplifts. But remember this is a complex three year deal to restructure the pay bands and that the best increases may happen at different points during the three years for different people. 


•          UNISON ensured the NHS pay deal is fully funded by the government – unlike the awards for local government, police, prison officers, teachers and the armed forces where there is no additional funding and the government has in many cases not even awarded as much as their Pay Review Bodies recommended.
Further information is provided in the attached letter on the NHS Pay Deal. If you still have concerns about your pay, please drop us a line.