Branch response to Argus report on Trusts 'not reporting blunders'

Branch response to Argus report on Trusts 'not reporting blunders'

Hospitals across Sussex are among the worst in the country for not reporting blunders, new figures suggest in an article published in The Argus today.

As a branch we believe the ability for staff to report concerns without fear and have them addressed, is fundamental in helping to have safe and secure services which protect patients, staff, carers and visitors alike.

Though Sussex Partnership Trust is not named as one of the worst offenders, as a union we want to reassure our members that if you do have concerns about something going on in the workplace you can call on a steward for support and advice.

A steward can lead you through the relevant policies, be it grievance or raising matters of concern. Whistleblowing can be a daunting prospect but UNISON resources can help you have confidence that you are supported every step of the way. With strong representation at every level of the Trust, from partnership forums to health and safety meetings - divisional and trust wide - we are in the best position to hold the Trust to account.

Using our branch structures and strength in depth means we are also able to judge whether a concern is applicable across a larger area than a member might realise.

If you have any questions about raising matters of concern please see a local steward. Don't sit on it, share it with us. We are there for you. We are UNISON.

Nick, Branch Secretary