Are you ready for the weekend of action to save schools?

Education staff, parents and children across the UK will be taking part in a weekend of action against cuts to school funding.

Since 2015, £2.8 billion has been cut from school budgets. The average primary school has lost £45,400 in funding and the average secondary school has lost £185,200 (find out how much your local school has lost here).

The impact of the cuts is starting to show in the classroom: the latest data reveals that class sizes have grown in 73% of local authorities in England, while secondary schools have had to let go, on average, more than five staff members over the last two years.

That’s why UNISON members and many others will be coming together to take action on 21 and 22 April – from leafleting at school gates and in high streets, to holding stalls and community meetings.

Jon Richards, UNISON’s head of education, said: “This weekend is a chance for everyone to get involved to help save schools. There’s no hiding from it any more, the cuts are damaging our schools which means they are damaging our children’s futures.”

The weekend of action is being coordinated by the School Cuts campaign, a coalition of unions, parents, schools and campaigning organisations, that is raising major concerns over the pressures on schools as real-terms funding cuts begin to bite.


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