National News

November 20th, 2018

“Working people, uniting to provide each other with a safe place to keep their savings, and loans at a decent rate – what is that, if not trade unionism and socialism in action?”

That was the question asked and answered by Dave Prentis at a ceremony to mark the 20th birthday of the NHS...

November 19th, 2018

We’re two weeks into Grovember – UNISON’s month-long recruitment and retention project to grow our union.

We’ve seen some great work with activists, staff, regions and branches ramping up recruitment and finding extra ways to do a bit more. It’s fantastic to see the union so visible in...

November 19th, 2018

As part of Grovember, every single part of our union is going the extra mile, as we aim to be a union that’s bigger, better and bolder.

One group of staff who provide an incredible service to our members – but often don’t get the praise and credit they deserve – are the team at UNISON...

November 18th, 2018

UNISON’s LGBT group celebrated its latest recruitment champions this morning, when vice president Josie Bird presented the winners with their awards at conference in Harrogate.

“The presidential team are always astounded at how many weekends our LGBT members are out and about at Pride and...

November 18th, 2018

Moving the first motion in a group debate that spanned the weekend at UNISON’s national LGBT conference in Harrogate, Eileen Best for the national committee explained that, after research, an organising subcommittee had decided to begin the process of changing the group’s name to LGBT+.