Staff Side

Staff Side


Our branch currently has three Staff Side staff members. They are stewards who are seconded from their regular posts by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to represent all staff in various working groups and consultations within the Trust.


Staff Side works closely with staff, other unions, senior management and the human resources department of the Trust.


Our three Staff Side staff members are based within each of the Trust’s founding localities: East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton & Hove.


The main duties are to:


1.  Attend meetings of various working groups within the Trust.


2.  Collate and forward the Staff Side response to the various consultation documents.


3.  Make representation, as appropriate to local management representatives on any issue in need of discussion or clarification.


4.  Represent staff on any working group in need of staff side input.


5.  Attend staff meetings as appropriate and as requested.


6.  Attend the Trust’s Staff Partnership Forum and Staff Side Committee Meetings.


Staff Side is lead by the Staff Side secretary, who acts as the lead contact and coordinator between the staff side and the Trust.


It does not and can never replace the need for direct negotiation and consultation between the Trust and the staff side but acts as a facilitator in issues such as the management of change and promotes solid lines of communication between all parties.


The person holding this position is accountable to the Trust wide staff side and can never make decisions on behalf of the staff side.