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Branch Committee


Your branch committee meets monthly and administers branch business in accordance with UNISON rules and guidance.


The branch plays a number of key roles, including organising campaigns, advising staff side reps in their negotiations with Sussex Partnership, ensuring that our members are given effective advice and representation, and providing effective support for stewards, safety representatives and workplace contacts.


The branch is the main vehicle by which members participate in developing UNISON policy and objectives.


Representation on the branch committee is agreed at the AGM and will includes all branch officers and one representative from each of the self-organised groups. We currently have no self organised groups.


Members who are not part of the Branch Committee shall be welcome to attend but in an observer capacity only.


Your current Branch Committee Officers (2015-2016) are:


  • Branch Secretary - Peter Atkinson
  • Assistant Branch Secretary - John Ottley
  • Branch Chair - Richard Tutty
  • Treasurer - Vacant
  • Communications Officer - Nick McMaster
  • Health & Safety Officer, East Sussex - Richard Tutty
  • Health & Safety Officer, Brighton and Hove - Nick McMaster 
  • Health & Safety Officer, West Sussex - Simon Tunney
  • Labour Link Officer - Peter Atkinson
  • Membership Officer - John Hewitt
  • International Officer - Stephen McLean
  • Environmental Officer - Vacant
  • Education Officer - Vacant
  • Lifelong Learning Officer - Vacant
  • Welfare Officer - Anne-Marie Ricketts
  • Young Members Officer - Vacant
  • Equalities Officer - Jane Marter


We have a number of vacant positions that can be considered throughout the year at Branch Committee meetings. If you are interested in becoming a branch officer, please contact the Branch Secretary.