Worth It - Welcome to the campaign for better pay

Worth It – Welcome to the campaign for better pay


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UNISON has launched a major new campaign to boost the pay of public service workers.  Members have had their pay capped and frozen whilst prices have continued to shoot up.  All workers have seen a huge chunk taken from their pay packets (a 16% reduction in public services since 2010) and many are simply no longer able to make ends meet.  The message of the ‘Worth It’ campaign is that with UNISON, you can fight for better, fairer pay  and  we can help members make ends meet.  In doing so we are making the case for why fair and decent pay is important for members, service delivery and for society.  For more details of our campaign messages, see our campaign webpage here.

Over the coming months we will be spreading the ‘Worth It’ message in every UNISON workplace, in the media and online.  We are determined to break down the myth that holding down workers pay is a necessary or even an effective way of tackling the deficit and getting the economy back on track.  The current  policy of pay caps and continued pain for public sector workers is unjust, damaging and self-defeating.

In the initial stages of the Worth It campaign there are three things you can do help:

1.       Follow the campaign on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/WORTHit_UNISON

2.       Like our Page on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/WORTHitUNISON

3.       Forward this email to all of you branch contacts, asking them to sign up to our email list by emailing  worthit@unison.co.uk 

In future months we will be asking those who have signed up to the campaign to get involved in further campaigning activities.


Best Wishes,

Karen Jennings

UNISON Assistant General Secretary

Bargaining, Negotiating & Equalities