UNISON Response to Trust's Admin Review.

UNISON Response to Trust's Admin Review.

The Trust is currently engaging in a comprehensive Admin Services review. Senior Trust management wish to make a significant change into how administration function is carried out. Currently the Trust is facilitating drop in sessions for staff potentially affected by the changes and is preparing the business case to present to the Trust Board. 


This is naturally a period of great anxiety to many of our admin members and we have recently received requests for more info from UNISON.


Firstly, let me reassure you that UNISON through the three divisional staff side leads (Peter Atkinson, John Ottley and Nick McMaster) has representation at the highest level of the Trust and is working on your behalf. We attend a number of meetings where the Admin Service review is discussed. We also have a UNISON staff side admin rep, Shan Orr-Ewing, attending many of the actual staff meetings/project meetings and doing invaluable work both in feeding back to us and raising issues.


We are aware of a number of concerns already raised by staff including:


  • Where are the new job descriptions?
  • Which admin staff are included?
  • Where will admin functions will be based?
  • Why are admin jobs still being advertised?
  • Will anyone be down banded?


These have all been fed back. However, please note that until the review turns into a consultation we cannot give a definitive view or response on the proposals. Also remember that UNISON is a member led organisation and we will need to know the views of members, which again will be sought when the consultation is launched sometime in September. We see our admin staff as the experts in this situation and so your contribution during the consultation will be vital for us in representing the views not only of our members, but all staff.


If you have any further concerns please contact your local UNISON steward or your divisional UNISON lead.


Please also check your work emails for messages from Branch as well as this website and our other social media outlets.