Success! Hasting Borough Council in Show of Solidarity Against Trade Union Bill

Success! Hasting Borough Council in Show of Solidarity Against Trade Union Bill

The fight against the governments terrible Trade Union Bill was boosted last night when Hastings council approved the following resolution on the Trade Union Bill:


“As a major employer in the local area, this council welcomes the positive benefits that arise from the relationship that we have with recognised trade unions, and seeks to encourage trade union membership in its own workforce, as well as promoting the benefits of trade union membership in the town as a whole. However, the council notes that the Trade Union Bill 2015 and associated secondary legislation, if enacted, would:

• Allow agency labour to be used to substitute for striking workers (currently outlawed);
• Introduce very high thresholds for industrial ballots, with an extra threshold in certain public services, without doing anything to improve the ability of workers to participate in ballots;
• Severely restrict the right to picket and peacefully protest, including organising campaigns through social media;
• Potentially reduce trade union facility time and withdraw check off union contributions in the council and other employers in Hastings;
• Require union members to ‘contract in’ to their union’s Political Fund every 5 years.

This council believes that the relationship between employers and their employees in Hastings through their collective representatives would be damaged by the above proposals and calls on the government to scrap the Trade Union Bill and all associated secondary legislation.
We instruct the Leader of the Council to write to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills stating the council’s opposition to the Bill and requesting that government scrap the proposed legislation.”

In doing so, we've joined a large, and growing, number of councils who've shown solidarity with working people by opposing this bill. This legislation has only one purpose: to destroy the trade union movement. But that won't work. Whatever tactics the Tories resort to, trade unions will continue to represent people in their collective negotiations with their employers, and fight for fairness and equality in the workplace. I'm proud to have proposed this motion, and very pleased the council supported it."

UNISON Sussex Partnership Branch will be contacting Hastings Borough Council and Hastings & District Trades Union Council for their show of solidarity. Hastings Borough Council is one of dozens of councils within the Sussex Partnership boundaries. Local councils have a lot to lose from this Bill and we’d like you to alert yours to the danger it poses to them. The example of Hastings shows that we can have influence.


We have drafted a letter for you to send to your councillors, making them aware of the dangers of the Bill and asking them to pass a motion for them to adopt. All you need to do is put in your post code and fill in a few details. 


A wave of councils have just come out in opposition to the Bill, which is why we need to target them now to build on the momentum and make MPs think about the impact the Bill will have in their own constituency.,G1QF,33DDPG,11NM0,1