No to austity; Yes to workers' rights: TUC Demo and Rally in Manchester

No to austity; Yes to workers' rights: TUC Demo and Rally in Manchester

The TUC has organised a national demonstration in Manchester this autumn against the government’s austerity agenda and attacks on trade unions. Under the banner "No to Austerity; Yes To Workers' Rights" it will take place on Sunday 4th October and will begin with a march through central Manchester, culminating in a rally close to the Conservative Party Conference.


Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON writes:


"At a time when more massive cuts are hitting our public services and putting the most vulnerable at risk, when continued wage freezes and proposed changes to in-work benefits are leaving hard-working public service workers wondering how they will support their families, this government is determined to undermine trade union rights.


It is no accident that the government is attacking our union at the same time that it’s attacking our members and our livelihoods.


Because the Tories know that it is trade unions who represent and speak up for the hardworking public service workers who provide the vital public services which our communities rely on and who will oppose further cuts.


Attacking both the right to strike and our ability to organise by threatening to change the way our members can pay their subscriptions are just one more way the government aims to reduce our ability to recruit, organise and represent our members.


That’s why the rally and march in Manchester on Sunday 4 October has that joint theme: No to austerity; Yes to workers’ rights."


Brighton Trades Council is organising transport from Brighton with tickets ranging from £2-£4. If you are interested in attending, Branch will subsidise these travel costs. We appreciate that it is a very long day and distance but this is an important demonstration against this insidious bill. We are looking for a couple of volunteers to take the Branch Banner. If you are interested, please contact us for further details.


Coach to TUC Demo outside Tory Party Conference Manchester
Sunday 4th October 5am – 10pm
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